Monday, 2 May 2011

Blob Shape Architecture based Fashion Inspiration and my Designs

Blob shape architecture based fashion- Inspiration
When doing my research on contemporary architecture I came across multiple architectonic design, among one of them was Selfridges in Birmingham, blob shaped building, which I based some of my design pieces on.
Below is an article about the pioneer and patron of Blob architecture Jan Kaplicki. 

Blob Architecture's Patron

One of the most influential branches of architecture in the last 15 years is "blobitecture," which produces futuristic (often blob-like) forms using cutting edge technology. One of its patrons, Jan Kaplický, before founding his own firm, Future Systems, Kaplický collaborated with Norman Foster and Richard Rogers. Those two eventually outshone him, but Kaplický set the stage for what came after, relentlessly arguing for organic-inspired architecture. Perhaps the greatest building done by Future Systems was the Selfridges department store in Birmingham England:

Below you can find my design inspired by Blob architecture.
I was asked by my friend who is a performer and musician, DJ and a student of Performing Arts in University of Northumbria in Newcastle, to design the outfit for the promotion of her new single called " Wrapped in Red"

I hope you will like it... Please let me know your opinions:)

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