Monday, 2 May 2011

SWOT Analysis Steampunk

*What advantages did I have?
The biggest advantage was the fact that I accumulated a broad spectrum of books and made a huge research into origins of Steampunk genre and its main characteristics.
Thanks to this I really went deep into gaining knowledge about late Edwardian and Victorian era lifestyle, culture and fashion trends. I must say that “Costumes from Harper's Bazar, 1867-1898” by Stella Blum was a great help for me in terms of finding out about the details of women’s day wear, night- and leisurewear. The book also provided broad characteristics of children clothing of the era, accessories- detailing such items as shoes, hats, parasols, jewelry, handbags, and travel equipment even a sportswear.
I must say that this was a great start-up point for my research in terms of my preparation for a Steampunk project. 

Costumes from Harper's Bazar, 1867-1898
*What section of work did I complete well?
In my opinion the best section was the creation of the final garment, which gave me the most satisfaction. The final effect  resulted in getting awarded the Certificate of Excellence in Garment making by the company Phaze Clothing, by which the Steampunk project was originally assigned to us.
*What do others see as my weaknesses?
Based on my tutorial meetings and the lessons I learned, was the fact I should have more focused on trying to be more specific while creating my design development sheets, which means that my designs included too many details in once. I should more focus on developing one idea at time, rather than putting all ideas into one type of a garment piece.
 *What are my negative work habits?
My worst work habits which I am 100% aware of is my lack of patience in certain areas of garment making, especially involving adjustments to paper patterns that should be done after each garment alteration during the preparation of a toile.
What I noticed was the fact that instead of correcting the toile and altering it to be more or less fitted, I usually avoided the alteration of the paper pattern, that should have been done right away. Instead I had the tendency to leave till further stage and in the end forgetting what alteration should have been done
The result was that after having sawn the garment pieces together , I had to than unpick the stitches again in order to correct the mistakes, that could be easily avoided by simply correcting the paper pattern in the first stage. 
*What holds me back?
In my opinion is my basic ability to sell me ideas through portfolio creation and my poor quality of drawings. I also have difficulties how to express my ideas on the paper, so they will build the full story in a coherent and understandable way for the people watching my portfolio book.

What did I learn?
During the Steampunk project I had an opportunity to improve upon the pattern cutting skills, which were very basic during my first preparation for the one of my first assignments for Pattern cutting module in the first semester. As the garments I had to prepare were very complicated due to the Victorian character of the clothes, which are very fitted and rich in terms of details, I had a great chance to improve on my sawing technique.  Due to the fact that I used a combination of a very difficult fabrics like georgette, cotton twill, suede and elastic lace, lace trimmings- I learned the importance of being very precise and that it takes much effort and patience for the garment maker in order to achieved set goals.

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