Sunday, 15 April 2012

AD206 Photo Shoot SWOT Analysis

AD206 Negotiated Project

SWOT Analysis


What section of work did I complete well?
In my opinion the fact that I previously known the photographer and the model, also the photographer was collaborating with the model before, which allowed for better understanding of each others expectations. We new each other life’s backgrounds, characters, tastes. Therefore the entire process was a very pleasurable and fulfilling process.

The other strengths was the fact that the model’s face and look was exactly what I wanted for my photo shoot to present- androgyny, masculinity – which were the features of the typical woman look of 1920’s.

Also the fact that I know the area so well, I was able to pick up the location which would suit the theme for my project.

The meeting went also according to the schedule, the punctuality and the effort from all three sides was “there”. 


One of the weaknesses was the fact that my knowledge about the specifics of photography, importance of correct lighting, etc. made me to initially want to shoot in completely different location.  However thanks to the professional knowledge of the photographer we were able to come up with different ideas for the location, which would perfectly blend with the theme of the photo shoot and also enable t make the photographer the most out of the natural features of the chosen location.

One of other weaknesses I should mention about was my basic knowledge about the Digital skills in regards to the knowledge about Photoshop and Photo editing in general, which resulted in huge amount of time I had to spend on getting to know the system.


Based on the broad research I conducted I expanded my so far limited knowledge about fashion photography, I found it inspiring not only for the purpose of this photo shoot but also what type of photography appeals to me the in general.

The fact of not being able to use the initially assigned photographer from college gave me the opportunity how to overcome the arising obstacles. I managed to find the photographer and model on my own.  It thought me how to be quick; deal efficiently and how to communicate with others in order to reach common objectives.

I also had the opportunity to see how the work process between different art disciplines looks like, = and also to learn from other’s people knowledge and experience.


As mentioned above one of the threats I encountered was the fact that I could not use the model and photographer assigned to me by college, due to the fact that they could not make a trip over to Ireland.

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