Thursday, 5 April 2012

Art Exhibition Review

“ Shape the Void” by Deidre McLoughlin

Back in April this year I went to the exhibition of Deidre McLoughlin located in Wangesford Quay Gallery in Cork.

McLoughlin is an artist specialising in sculpture and ceramics and whose creations brought her a international recognition in Ireland and abroad.
The exhibition called “ Shaping the Void” showcased the sculptures, that in shapes reminded me of those close to Anish Kapoor. Most of the sculptures of human bodies resembles type of container look, with the blob like shape, structures I came across while preparing my research for the architecture based Fashion.
In my opinion very intriguing exhibition. The multiplicity of forms and shapes will definitely allow to find something unique and significant for everyone who will bother to pay a visit.  

Below is the link about the exhibition:


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