Monday, 2 May 2011

Ethical Fashion - A must read!

Ethical and Sustainable Fashion issues were  part of my assignment for one of the modules at my college.
I have to admit, it was the most enjoyable task I have to make my research on.
I came across many interesting books, whose titles you will find below. However, the biggest influence on me was a book by Pietra Rivoli called “The travels of T-shirt in the global economy” which completely changed my attitude towards Ethical fashion. After reading it, I became aware of so many issues that the Fashion industry is facing nowadays and which I was completely not familiar with before. The book and its author highlights and gives insights into such issues as unfair labour conditions, sweat shops, pollution and more. The big focus was also put on world cotton production and the consequences that it has on people growing it and nature and the planet in general. In my opinion it is probably one of the best books that describe in such an intense and broad way the above factors. The author is a very well known and respected scientist and economist who was sent to different places around the globe with the purpose to conduct research on the travels of the “t-shirt in the global economy”.  It is a book that is definitely worth reading not only by those - interested in Fashion, but also for anyone who wants to gather more info on global economic conditions. The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy has been lauded by the New York Times, Financial Times, and reviewers worldwide. Translated in fourteen languages, Travels has received numerous awards for its frank and nuanced discussion of global economic realities. It also includes discussions of environmental issues and illustrates crucial lessons in the debate on globalization.

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