Monday, 2 May 2011

SWOT Analysis on AD104 Theory and Context

The requirement given to me for this module was to complete a report about a Department store in the Newcastle area, as well as preparation of an essay on Ethical Fashion.
One of the advantages and strengths was the completion of research on issues associated with Ethical Fashion.
I collected a broad range of books and articles, as well interviews with people involved in the Fashion Industry.  I read them all with great interest and accumulated great knowledge regarding the above topic, so when it came to writing the actual essay, my only concern was the limitation of the length of the essay given by my lecturer.
The biggest achievement in this project for me was the completion of an essay about Cotton Production and its impact. I am quite happy with the rich content and the topics covered in my essay and I hope the reader will find it interesting and find inspiration similarly to the way I felt while reading about it.
The hardest for me however was to stay systematic and carry out my work in a timely basis, as I initially avoided writing up the report due to the fact that I have never felt strong about writing this particular form of written work.

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