Friday, 25 November 2011

"Midnight in Paris" by Woody Allen

Going back to my research about the Art Deco Fashion I came across the new movie directed by Woody Allen , which is already acclaimed as the most successful in his career.
Like in most of his movies the main character usually played by Allen himself, this time is being played by Own Wilson who however acts with the typical for Allen's behavior and way of acting.
But this is not exactly my main point why I am mentioning about this movie.
The entire set up of this movie although in an extremely funny and light- hearted way offers you an insight in the 1920's era of art. Together with the main character you are entering the world of famous artist like Cocteau, Dali, Picasso and almost taking part in their life escapades.
The movie gives you also an insight into 1920s Fashion with an enormous multitude of garments shown in there, you can really get an inspiration there.

Not as good as "Manhattan" or "Annie Hall" but definitely worth giving a try...

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